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​A Creative Mind For Love and Happiness Not for Cure but for Healing. She has been working with our Body-Mind Relationships....
Her spiritual journey started with her enlightened teacher's invitation to the yoga mat in her teens. That grew by professional trainings in various therapeutic techniques such as Breathwork, Counseling, Pulsation and Bio-Energetics, Tantra, Family Constellation, Transomatic Breath, Breathwork, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and dedicated study with masters of Zen, Advaita and Tantra as well as Indian Yoga Gurus.  She has trained more than 20,000 hours, qualified for teaching and for several years was training yoga teachers and opened a Department at a prestigious European university. She has been working as a spiritual therapist since 2004 and leads workshops, trainings and retreats around the world. She is an artist of harmonizing one's consciousness with a specific level of consciousness found in nature.  She also offers individual sessions. She has clarity on and love for the nature of the body-mind 'relationship' and significance of human consciousness. Her teaching may invite you to feel a deep intimacy with and trust in life just as it is.

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ERIKA AVERY: About The Spa
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Online  | 1-1

This is for individuals or couples.

She is giving 1-1 Private Yoga Sessions in her own place in Malibu (California) or  Evergreen (Colorado). It can be in your own place as well. These private and in-person sessions take 1,5 hours depends on your need.  Video Call session takes usually 1 hour. She teaches and practices dynamic vinyasa yoga; soft flow movement with free opening breath and meditation.

For availability and price please inquire by email.




This is for individuals or couples.

She is giving 1-1 Breath Retreats in her own place in Malibu (California) or Evergreen (Colorado). These retreats are 3-5 days, all inclusive and exclusive with 5 star accommodation in her house,  intermittent fasting, juicing -no bloat; plant based food diet, 2 daily breathwork sessions (one 1-1 and one possibly in group), active meditations, yoga, self-hypnosis sessions and massage 

For availability and price please inquire by email.



Online  |  1-1

This is for individuals or couples.

She is giving 1-1 Private Breath Sessions in her own place in Malibu (California) or Evergreen (Colorado). These in-person sessions take 2-3 hours depending on need and there may not be need for further sessions. Video Call session takes usually 1 hour.

For availability and price please inquire by email.

ERIKA AVERY: Treatments
ERIKA AVERY: Testimonials

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

 Years of experience eventually led to the inception of ERIKA A. work privately in Malibu and Colorado. She has light, unique ,artistic ,playful aproach .

Even her professional background includes primal therapy, early childhood deconditioning, body-centered psychotherapy, and couples therapys she loves to work with meditative therapies depends on her personal experiences and what she believes MEDITATION THE ONLY WAY; THE FIRST AND LAST FREEDOM.


The earliest time of my life I had one major car accident which changed everything at that time for me. I was in grief of losing somebody I was deeply carrying in my heart and I was told I may never walk again.  I had to spent a long time without moving in bed with not knowing much about my future. Physical and emotional pain became a big teacher for me to be really in present. I had some kind of pain before in vipasana retreats but this was different -there was no other choice - I couldn't come out from the pain I was experiencing. I observed people more when I was immobile, much like babies do.  I had a chance to practice everything I learned from deeper understanding and space. Meditations and hypnosis helped me a lot for my healing. That's why I believe their power and I love teaching to my clients. Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.
And the grief doesn't have to change shapes, it doesn't have to repeat unless you will not see the beauty and hidden opportunities inside of it. You need to put your pleasurable drama aside, stop complaining and look carefully to see. 
Erika is only teaching what she believes. All her beliefs are coming from her real experiences. She is only teaching the healing methods that she already experienced and discovered that are working for many as well.




She has realised that the underlying cause of many diseases is unresolved psychological conflict, chronic stress blocking the human energy flow and an unfulfilled spiritual longing. This inspired her to focus her work on preventative healing methods and spiritual therapies. Through her many years of learning, practising , teaching and guiding she is combining eastern and western therapy methods as complimentary each other in her work, she ultimately found her unique way of working with people.  She creates a custom made session series for her clients. She believes that every being and nervous system is different and as a result of this difference everyone has to be approached in a different way, according to their unique needs. In her sessions she combines breath work, meditation techniques, hypnosis, bioenergetics, trauma healing, family constellation, and self awareness. She believes body-mind-soul is unseperable and effect each other thats why she works both of them .She has 5 nutritional trainings and in her sesssions recommends emotional , physical and nutritional diets depends on her clients needs.
She likes simplicity so everybody can learn and use bythemselves so her approach is always with teaching to her clients to new ways.


The Breath Work 

some of the most powerful methods of breathing and complementary therapies available today. Sha has been working all over the Europe, China, Russsia, USA, UK, and Middle east over thousands of people from around the globe with the people who come to participate in her programs.   

Breathwork unlock the unique potential of the human being for the evolution towards love and consciousness. If you learn to breathe deeply you learn to live joyfully. You transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.

Breathwork bring a new joyfulness, totality and awareness into your daily life and love affairs. Once you know how to breathe deeply again a new world of possibilities opens for you.

 This transformational Breath and Breath into life can , heal your relationships, may make your intentions come true, develop your creativity, bring joy, release traumas, and find inner peace and harmony in meditation. 

She worked with many artists to open their creativity and many addicted people to change their harmful addiction with healthy ones. 

Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.

ERIKA AVERY: Facilities

"Love is a skill rather than a enthusiasm and we all can learn with practice "



Most powerful and fastest way for healing;  Power of Breath

Privately and exclusively 1-1 breathwork retreats for our client's specific needs with deeply relaxing and healing treatment retreats in 


where removing yourself from the demands of everyday life multiplies the results of breathwork exponentially.

Reach your intentions

Change your subconscious program

Achieve Maximum Health

Skin beauty and physical health


​Experience deeply nourishing peace and relaxation

Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness

Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth

Let go of emotional baggage permanently and easily

Release anxiety and depression

Feel completely energized

New opening in your spiritual practice

Understand the nature of spirit

Feel as if newborn again

Open your breath and expand your life

Explosion of creativity

Retreats are 3-5 days, all inclusive and exclusive with 5 star accommodations, intermittent fasting with moderate juicing - no bloating plant based food diet, 2 daily breathwork sessions (one 1-1 and one group), active meditations, yoga, mindfulness meditation teaching, self-hypnosis sessions and massage, herbal baths, and natural skin care. 

Price: For availability please inquire by email. (Pricing may change with locations and days, please inquire)

ERIKA AVERY: About The Spa


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