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Each accomodation is unique, varying in size, theme and configuration. All retreats has more or less almost same qualities; Environment in spectacular nature,possibly seasonal outdoor pool with spa treatments. The eco-friendly guest rooms are contemporary in design , an en-suite private bathroom, most of all rooms with views. Rooms feature natural latex mattresses, hypo-allergenic bedding and organic sheets, towels and robes. All rooms are cleaned with 100% natural,organic chemical-free products made on-site. All spa and skin products used in the treatments are100% natural, organic chemical-free products made on-site as well. The accommodation will provide you with the perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature, and focus on your mental and physical health goals. The retreat place is has its own yoga and meditation studio. You will stay in a secluded environment with no televisions, no cell phone, and limited Wi-Fi service available to aid in a mental and digital detoxification. Each room has been beautifully decorated with bathrooms, and linen-covered double, queen, and king-sized beds. Depends on the group the space may have shared. The retreat place have a five-star design and setting for your comfort.


3-5 days, they are starting on monday afternoon till friday afternoon. Digital gadgets free; Cell phones - watches and computers are not allowed in retreat place, on hikes or in our buses. We will inquire to practice being calm, deep breathing, silent mind , no complaning, no gossiping, no blaming, no criticizing, gratefulness inner meditations all the time. Typical day will start with active meditations, juicing, hiking, restorative-yin-vinyasa yoga, continue with massage therapy, bio-dynamic organic meals, kundalini meditation and ending with mindfullness meditation and deep self hypnosis sleep (yoga nidra) after organic dinner. The retreat will help you physically and mentally detoxify . It will give you  mental clarity, increased strength and energy, a sense of calm and personal empowerment.


The foods; biodynamic-organic plant base, moderate juicing and 80% raw which then offers you complete, nutrient-dense meals. Your daily diet features the finest fruits, vegetables, and seeds while excluding alcohol, caffeine, dairy, soy, grains, high fiber, processed sugars, diet sweeteners, and gluten to aid in the cleansing and revitalization process. Balancing protein, complex carbohydrates,fiber and healthy fat is designed to sustain you and providing your body with the full spectrum of nutrients and enhancing detoxification as well. We practice intermittent fasting. Participants may enjoy meals in a communal setting in dining and living room. Meal times are also used as an opportunity to practice silent meditation with concious eating. The food are all natural, simple and organic. Using less ingredients sourced from our certified organic garden or nearby local farms, research and prepared in simple way so that every bite is nutritionally balanced and light on digestion. *** We do understand and respect you may have strict diet and we may accomodate with your diet as well , please share with us before you si


Luxury Wellness Retreats 

Price: starting 2800 usd /pp for 3 days, 3800 usd/pp for 5 days.

1-1 Breathwork Retreats

These retreats 3-5  days , all inclusive and exclusive with 5 star accomodation, intermittent fasting with moderate juicing - raw food diet, 2 daily breathwork sessions (one 1-1 and possibly one group), active meditations, yoga, mindfullness meditation teaching, self-hypnosis sessions and massage, herbal baths and natural skincares. 
Price: 1500usd/pp daily
For availability please inquire by email.

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