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 Bliss Retreats and Trainings is an integral approach to body -mind -spirit for more integrated health and sprituality. We offer spiritual events, retreats and workshops to support each individual in their journey of awareness and love of self  .

These retreats is deep and grounded by 20 years of self inquiry, education and expertise in the field of therapy, holistic healing , yoga and body oriented therapies .

We teach people meditations , yoga , breath and some more practical tools to help themselves with life and daily minor waves of life . With these tools of integral therapies they may reach their passion in life , release the old stored tensions on their system to open more space for peace , love and happiness. 


Shama is a transformative Breath Therapist, meditation facilitator and certified Osho therapist. She began her journey of spiritual growth and meditation 15 years ago and has been trained in many modalities. Her focus on spritual therapy and inner transformation by mainly using Meditations, Meditative therapies, Breath work , Bioenergetics, emotional releasing  techniques and Tension releasing methods.She has high energy of joy ,trust to flow of life and light hearted love that she has been teaching and being a leader to groups and individuals all over the world .


Erika A. Her spiritual journey started with her enlightened teacher's invitation to the yoga mat in her teens. That grew by professional trainings in various therapeutic techniques such as Counseling, Pulsation and Bio-Energetics, Tantra, Family Constellation, Transomatic Breath, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and dedicated study with masters of Zen, Advaita and Tantra as well as Indian Yoga Guru's.  She has been working as a spiritual therapist since 2004 and leads workshops ,trainings and retreats around the world. She also offers individual sessions. She has clarity on and love for the nature of the body-mind 'relationship' and significance of human consciousness. Her teaching may invite you to feel a deep intimacy with and trust in life just as it is .

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